28-30 Jan 2018 Les Houches (France)

About this workshop


Frank Hekking was one of the leading scientists in mesoscopic physics. His research activity covered a broad range of topics ranging from quantum transport, to proximity effect in superconductors, superconducting quantum circuits, and ultracold atoms. During his career, he set up a large and very fruitful network of collaborations with many theoreticians and experimentalists worldwide. All his collaborators hold in high regard the rare kindness and honesty of Frank which set an example for many colleagues and young researchers.

We intend to bring together Frank’s colleagues, scientists and young students to remember his figure as scientist. Conceptual and applicative aspects in mesoscopic physics and ultracold atoms inspired by his scientific work will be covered. We will give space also to colleagues and former students to remember Frank as friend, teacher and mentor. The workshop will consist of various programmed talks per day leaving time for discussions and exchange of ideas among the participants. A poster session is also planned.


Confirmed speakers include:

Alexander Altland

Harold Baranger

Denis Basko

Chris Bauerle

Carlo Beenaker

Wolfgang Belzig

Yaroslav Blanter

Hélène Bouchiat

Christophe Bruder

Olivier Buisson

Benoit Doucot

Roberta Citro

Ulrich Eckern

Konstantin Efetov

Daniel Estève

Pino Falci

Lara Faoro

Saro Fazio

Denis Feinberg

Francesco Giazotto

Perti Hakonen

David Haviland

Lev Ioffe

Alain Joye

Julia Meyer

Jukka Pekola

Hélène Perrin

Fabio Pistolesi

Hugues Pothier

Matteo Rizzi

Davide Rossini

Inès Safi

Gerd Schön

Peter Schuck

Dominique Spehner

Fabio Taddei


Workshop organisers :

Luigi Amico, Hervé Courtois, Wiebke Guichard, Anna Minguzzi, Jukka Pekola



The workshop will take place at the Ecole de Physique des Houches

The workshop will start on sunday, january 28th at 12:00 and will finish on tuesday, january 30th  at 14:00.

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